Ancestors Voices Comes to a Close…

As the Ancestors Voices phase of the project came to a close, the Slave Trade Legacies family were very proud of their journey.

We have achieved exhibitions at two different heritage locations which acknowledge our ancestors contributions. Together we have created the Blood Sugar film alongside Shawn Sobers, Michelle Hubbard and Kim Thompson. This film is now being shown in Newstead Abbey accessible gallery and can also be viewed online. Furthermore, we have created panels and audio recordings for the visitors centre at Cromford Mills, alongside the mural wall which has also been put up in the gateway at the mills.

However, as much as the project was a success, we are still not satisfied with certain aspects of the exhibitions at Derwent Valley Mills and Newstead Abbey.

Our volunteers within the Slave Trade Legacies group think that the placement of the Blood Sugar Film within Newstead Abbey was not good enough. We feel as if the film could be easily missed by visitors of Newstead Abbey and it is pivotal that our ancestors contributions are recognised by all visitors of Newstead. However, it is great that the film is more widely available on Youtube for people outside of Nottinghamshire to view.

In addition to this our Slave Trade Legacies Family are also not fully satisfied with the exhibition at Derwent Valley Mills. Our volunteers are disappointed that the mural wall is overshadowed by a translucent screen meaning that it can’t be viewed properly.

Even though there are still improvements to be made, our Slave Trade Legacies family is incredibly proud of our journey on this phase of the project.

Join us on the next phase of the project in Darley Abbey:


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