Exhibition Materials Workshop

11th November 2017

Veronica’s session on resistance to enslavement

Veronica Barnes, on of the slave trade legacies volunteers, led an inspiring session for our group of volunteers. Veronica addressed our ancestor’s resistance to enslavement. Alongside the Slave Trade Legacies family, Veronica shared her reflections on songs from the period of enslavement and explored and explained their hidden meaning.

We thought that Veronica’s songs and stories were incredibly powerful and inspiring to hear. It also reminded volunteers that these stories must never be forgotten, motivating them to make further changes to heritage attractions, ensuring their ancestors contributions are recognised.

With help from Veronica’s session we gained more progress working on the audio clips for Cromford Mill. Our volunteers were able to make connections between the songs and what they had already learnt on the current and the previous Colour of Money project. This enabled us to draft up and discuss our scripts for the audio recordings that we aimed to be used at Derwent Valley Mills.


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