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Newstead Abbey

Blood Sugar Film

The Blood Sugar film was created by the Slave Trade Legacies family and created and directed by Professor Shawn Naphtali Sobers. The film has now been permanently installed in Newstead Abbey from April 2018.

The Slave Trade Legacies Family were inspired to create the Blood Sugar film through their research on Lord Byron and Thomas Wildman of Newstead Abbey. In the early 19th Century Newstead Abbey was sold to Thomas Wildman by Lord Byron. Wildman used the wealth gained through Jamaican sugar plantations to restore Newstead Abbey. However, Newstead Abbey had previously failed to recognise the contributions of enslaved African people to the restoration of Newstead Abbey.

“The important thing is the making of the film, the human connections made, and the conversations sparked. The film is in permanent display at Newstead Abbey, which the film is about, telling the story of its connection with the slave trade, that’s the important thing.”

“Honouring our ancestors for the sacrifices they made, that is the important thing. And carving new paths going forward.”

Dr Shawn Naphtali Sobers

Thanks to the work of the Slave Trade Legacies family, the contributions of our enslaved ancestors are now being recognsied by the visitors of Newstead Abbey today.

The film was based on a poem by Michelle Hubbard who creatively facilitated the film alongside Kim Thompson and the Slave Trade Legacies family. Kim Thompson, Nottingham artist, created illustrations for the film. Furthermore the project was coordinated by Lisa Robinson, Dr Helen Bates and Dr Susan Seymour.

We would like to thank our project partners and the staff at Newstead Abbey for also making this possible.

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